Table 2: Robot products of Kaicheng company with safety certification.

SNSafety standard numberproduct nameProduct modelEnd dateSafety standard number

1MLE110002Robot body.KRZ  I - BT2020/12/1effective
2MLE110003Mine robot device for mine.KRZ  I2020/12/1effective
3MAJ110006downhole robot flameproof display for mine.KBX  I - 122015/12/16overdue
4MAK120077flameproof life detector for mine.TBS122017/10/25overdue
5MLE120119intrinsic safety robot for mine.KQR24Z/normal
6MLE120120Detection robot for mine.KQR48/normal
7MAJ120275console display of Ground output intrinsic safety robot.KQR220Z-K/normal
8MLE150001Flameproof and intrinsically safe type underwater robot for mine.KSJ24/normal
9MLE170001Flameproof and intrinsically safe type Inspection robot for mine.KRXJ38/normal
10MAB170513Inspection robot device for mine.ZRXJ127/normal