Figure 4: Top left: binomial out-degree distributions (gray) for RPNs based on FN and SW connectivity for different parameter settings. The fitted binomial distribution is superimposed (black). Top right: degree correlations depending on the randomness parameters 𝑝 and 𝜙 , respectively, for FN (blue), SW (red), and GN (green) RPNs. The results for the corresponding 1D ring graphs are also indicated, for both SW (magenta) and FN (light blue). Each data point represents the mean outcome of 20 simulations, the largest occurring SEM is 0.54. Bottom: three histograms 𝑃 ( 𝑑 ) of the number of links in dependence of their spatial distance 𝑑 . Each histogram represents one connectivity type (SW, FN, or GN). The specific parametric realizations are chosen according to an approximately equal mean distance of connected nodes 𝐷 = 0 . 1 5 , corresponding to a horizontal line in Figure 5, bottom left.