In the article titled “Trajectory Tracking Control of Parallel Manipulator Based on Udwadia-Kalaba Approach” [1], there were errors in the author list and missing acknowledgments that have been described below and corrected in place. Dr. Shengchao Zhen, who suggested the idea of this article, was missing from the authors’ list. Moreover, the second affiliation was missing.

Additionally, Dr. Chenming Li was incorrectly listed as the corresponding author. The corresponding author is Dr. Shengchao Zhen.

Finally, an acknowledgment has been added as follows:

The theoretical foundation of this paper is consistent with (1) National Natural Science Foundation of China (51505116), (2) the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (JZ2016HGTB0716), (3) Natural and Science Foundation of Anhui Province (1508085SME221), and (4) China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (2016M590563). In addition, the project is supported by these foundations.