Modelling and Simulation in Engineering / 2021 / Article / Tab 6

Research Article

Modelling Sustainable Development Aspects within Inventory Supply Strategies

Table 6

Interpretation of results of the AHP analysis presented in Table 5 (own work).

GoalCriteria/factorsFinal results (most significant alternative)

Definition of SD criteria that impact inventory through the SCEconomic 0.5936Quality 0.2234Customer satisfaction 0.0947
Efficiency 0.0887Inventory costs 0.0443
Responsiveness 0.2815Lead time 0.1114
Environmental 0.2493Emissions 0.0523Level of CO2 emission from transport processes 0.0267
Natural resources 0.0599Energy consumption/revenue 0.0288
Waste and recycling 0.1371Level of products reused 0.0496
Social 0.1571Health and safety 0.0172Toxic and hazardous emissions 0.0062
Waste 0.0485Water pollution 0.0298
Employees 0.0913Disposal of work waste 0.0455