Research Article

Transient Limb Ischemia Alters Serum Protein Expression in Healthy Volunteers: Complement C3 and Vitronectin May Be Involved in Organ Protection Induced by Remote Ischemic Preconditioning

Figure 1

Representative images of SYPRO-Ruby-stained 2-DE gels. Representative images of SYPRO-Ruby-stained 2-DE gels at various time points ((a) before transient limb ischemia, (b) 1 h after transient limb ischemia, (c) 3 h after transient limb ischemia, (d) 8 h after transient limb ischemia, (e) 24 h after transient limb ischemia, and (f) 48 h after transient limb ischemia). The high-abundant proteins such as albumin and immunoglobulins were depleted from serum using the multiple-affinity column, as described in Section 2. Zoomed areas highlight typical spots (arrows) of the fourteen differentially expressed proteins. Changes in these spots’ intensity among different time points are clearly visible. The spot numbers refer to proteins summarized in Table 2.