Research Article

H2S Protects against Cardiac Cell Hypertrophy through Regulation of Selenoproteins

Figure 4

H2S stimulates SCLY/H2Se signaling. (a) CSE deficiency reduced SCLY protein expression in mouse heart tissues. The heart tissues were isolated from 12-week-old CSE knockout mice and wild-type littermates for analysis of SCLY protein expression by western blotting. . (b) H2S induces SCLY protein expression. H9C2 cells were treated with 30 μM NaHS for 24 hours followed by western blotting detection of SCLY protein expression. . . (c) H2S increases the Se level in media. After the cells were treated with 30 μM NaHS for 24 hours, media were collected for analysis of the Se level by using DAN. . . (d) H2Se induces the protein expressions of GPx1 and TrxR2. After the cells were incubated with 0.3 μM Na2Se for 30 minutes, the cells were processed with or without selenide washout and continued to culture for 1-3 days; the protein expressions were detected with western blotting. .