Research Article

Alterations in Organismal Physiology, Impaired Stress Resistance, and Accelerated Aging in Drosophila Flies Adapted to Multigenerational Proteome Instability

Figure 6

The toxicity of multigenerational proteotoxic stress can be partially mitigated by a low-protein-content diet; G80-BTZ flies were sensitive to thermal stress. (a1) Longevity curves of G80-BTZ flies fed (or not) with low-protein-content medium (LPM). (a2) Relative expression of the ref(2)P and Atg8a genes in NT or G80-BTZ flies fed (or not) with LPM. (b) Relative gene expression of proteasomal (Prosβ5, Keap1), antioxidant (Trxr-1), and autophagy-related (ref(2)P) cncC/Nrf2 transcriptional targets in somatic tissues of young G80-BTZ flies cultured for 5 days in medium containing (or not) 400 μΜ 6BIO. (c) Recorded (%) female or male paralyzed flies (c1) following exposure for 10 min to 40°C and rate (%) of recovery (c2) at room temperature. (d) Rate of flies’ recovery (%) after vortexing (bang assay) for 20 seconds. Gene expression was plotted vs. the respective control and rp49 gene expression was used as input reference. Bars, ±SD (). ; .