Research Article

4-Carbomethoxyl-10-Epigyrosanoldie E Extracted from Cultured Soft Coral Sinularia sandensis Induced Apoptosis and Autophagy via ROS and Mitochondrial Dysfunction and ER Stress in Oral Cancer Cells

Figure 2

Cytotoxicity and morphology changes conferred by 4-carbomethoxyl-10-epigyrosanoldie E on oral cancer cell lines Ca9-22 and Cal-27. (a) Cytotoxicity of 4-carbomethoxyl-10-epigyrosanoldie E measured using an MTT assay. (b) Cell morphology and growth density in cells treated with different concentrations of 4-carbomethoxyl-10-epigyrosanoldie E. (c) Effect of 4-carbomethoxyl-10-epigyrosanoldie E on colony formation. #, .