Research Article

Cloning and Characterization of Low-Molecular-Weight Glutenin Subunit Alleles from Chinese Wheat Landraces (Triticum aestivum L.)

Table 2

Sequence identities of the eight new LMW-GS alleles to the previously reported Glu-3 genes.

LMW-GS allelesGlu-A3 gene accession numberGlu-B3 gene accession numberGlu-D3 gene accession number

Glu-A3-1a 939292848484878787
Glu-A3-1b 939291838383868687
Glu-B3-1a 858585958484838383
Glu-B3-1b N8586998585848485
Glu-B3-1c N8586998585838384
Glu-D3-1a 878888888585959594
Glu-D3-1b 868787838282999999
Glu-D3-1c 878787848282999999

Note: N means that no highly similar sequences were found using BLAST tools.