The Scientific World Journal / 2015 / Article / Tab 2

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The Alpaca Melanocortin 1 Receptor: Gene Mutations, Transcripts, and Relative Levels of Expression in Ventral Skin Biopsies

Table 2

Mutations observed in MC1R of Peruvian alpaca.

SNP observedAmino acid changeEffect on protein due to amino acid change

c.82A>Gp.T28APolar to nonpolar
c.92 C>Tp.T31MPolar to nonpolar
c.126C>TNo changeNA
c.224_227delFrame shiftFrame shift
c.259C>Tp.M87VNonpolar to polar
c.354T>CNo changeNA
c.376A>Gp.S126GPolar to nonpolar
c.618G>ANo changeNA
c.901G>Ap.R301CPolar to slightly polar
c.933G>ANo changeNA

NA: not applicable.