Genetic Algorithms are robust search and optimization techniques. A Genetic Algorithm based approach for determining the optimal input distributions for generating random test vectors is proposed in the paper. A cost function based on the COP testability measure for determining the efficacy of the input distributions is discussed. A brief overview of Genetic Algorithms (GAs) and the specific details of our implementation are described. Experimental results based on ISCAS-85 benchmark circuits are presented. The performance of our GAbased approach is compared with previous results. While the GA generates more efficient input distributions than the previous methods which are based on gradient descent search, the overheads of the GA in computing the input distributions are larger.To account for the relatively quick convergence of the gradient descent methods, we analyze the landscape of the COP-based cost function. We prove that the cost function is unimodal in the search space. This feature makes the cost function amenable to optimization by gradient-descent techniques as compared to random search methods such as Genetic Algorithms.