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VLSI Design
Volume 13, Issue 1-4, Pages 135-143

Theoretical Investigation of Ultrathin Gate Dielectrics

1physical Sciences Research Labs, Motorola, Inc., Tempe 85284, AZ, USA
2Department of Physics and Astronomy, Ohio University, Athens 45701, OH, USA
3Department of Mathematics, Arizona State University, Tempe 85287, AZ, USA

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We describe a theoretical methodology for screening potential gate dielectric materials. A recently proposed method for constructing realistic structural models of the Si-dielectric interface is used to generate the Si-SiO2-Si and Si-SiON-SiO2-Si model metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) structures. We discuss methods to estimate the valence band discontinuity at the corresponding interface. We use Landauer's ballistic transport approach to investigate the low bias leakage through these ultrathin dielectric layers.