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Role of Personality in Behavioral Responses to New Environments in Captive Asiatic Lions (Panthera leo persica)

Table 3

Personality trait classes consisting of behaviors from full ethogram, included in Table 10.

ClassBehaviors included

ActiveWhen an animal is exhibiting any observable behavior other than staring

Aggressive to conspecificBite conspecific, swat conspecific

CuriousPlay with object, pounce on object, stalk object, swat object, bite object, dig, sniff, flehmen


Friendly to conspecificAllogroom conspecific, head/body rub conspecific, play with conspecific, tail up

PlayfulChase conspecific, play with conspecific/object, stalk conspecific/object, pounce on conspecific/object

SolitaryTime spent alone (i.e., greater than one body length away from conspecific)

VocalGrowl, grunt, roar, cough