The latest from Hindawi

Research reveals that innovative pharmacological targets such as glutamatergic and GABAergic neurotransmission may be used in the clinical management...

Metabonomic analysis shows titanium dioxide nanoparticles cause metabolic changes in rats even at low doses.

A study has identified a number of factors associated with urinary tract infections that can be used to prioritize patients for screening.

Research finds that phosphate solubilizing microbes could be used as biofertilizers to improve the crop yield in sustainable agriculture.

A review article highlights the complex relationship between dental caries and obesity in children and adolescents.

A study looks at factors that affect the rate of childhood immunization in rural Ethiopia and potential methods for reaching full vaccination coverage.

A study has identified several modifiable risk factors for lower back pain in long-distance truck drivers in Ethiopia.

Research shows that anthropogenic contamination of environmental waters in the Lake Victoria basin presents a risk to drinking water sources and the...

The first comprehensive quantitative study of open defecation in Ghana identifies six predictors for the practice and suggests public education and...

A review investigates how human milk oligosaccharides play a key role in the protective effects of human breast milk on newborns.

A study in an Indonesian hospital revealed an association between high maternal levels of heavy metals and low levels of micronutrients with preterm...

A study assesses the factors associated with low birth weight in Ethiopia and provides recommendations on how to reduce its prevalence.

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