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Durability Index Performance of High Strength Concretes Made Based on Different Standard Portland Cements

Table 2

The 28-day strengths, OPI, water sorptivity, and chloride conductivity results for different cement types and different w/c ratios.

Cement typeW/C RatioAverage 28-day Strengths (MPa)Average OPIAverage sorptivity (mm/hr0.5)Average chloride conductivity (mS/cm)

CEM I 42.5N0.6531. 910.010.32.78
CEM I 42.5N0.552.310.210.52.07
CEM I 42.5N0.457.310.47.01.49
CEM I 42.5N FS0.550.210.08.2
CEM I 42.5N FSH0.556.110.38.5
CEM I 42.5N H0.468.610.76.2
CEM I 42.5N FSP0.555.210.27.8
CEM I 42.5N FS Poker Panel0.510.28.1

CEM II/A-V 52.5N0.6543.
CEM II/A-V 52.5N0.558.
CEM II/A-V 52.5N0.487.
CEM II/A-V 52.5N FS0.566.210.39.4

CEM IV/B-V 32.5R0.6526.69.32.32
CEM IV/B-V 32.5R0.542.310.26.21.57
CEM IV/B-V 32.5R0.466.
CEM IV/B-V 32.5R FS0.546.810.37.71.73
CEM IV/B-V 32.5R FSH0.550.81.82
CEM IV/B-V 32.5R H0.467.610.76.2
CEM IV/B-V 32.5R FSP0.549.910.37.01.72
CEM IV/B-V 32.5R FS Poker Panel0.510.66.4

CEM II/A-M (V-L) 42.5N0.6533.
CEM II/A-M (V-L) 42.5N0.561.510.07.81.81
CEM II/A-M (V-L) 42.5N0.473.
CEM II/A-M (V-L) 42.5N FS0.559.310.18.2

FS: filler sand, FSH: filler sand after hand compaction, FSP: filler sand after poor compaction, done simply by lifting the filled concrete mould 20 mm off the floor and dropping it five (5) times.

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