Figure 3: General morphology of near-spherical melted chips formed after internal cylindrical plunge grinding of Titanium Grade 2 alloy obtained by use of scanning electron microscope JSM-550LV produced by JEOL: (a) SEM micrograph (size: 1785 × 1586.66 μm, mag. 50×) of GWAS 1–35 × 20 × 10-SG/F46K7VTO impregnated by sulphur with two vast clogged areas, (b) AOI (size: 400 × 288.33 μm, mag. 200×) extracted from (a), (c) AOI (size: 181.50 × 171.00 μm, mag. 500×) extracted from (b) with couple of clearly visible single near-spherical melted chips in central part of image, and (d) AOI (size: 80.78 × 58.23 μm, mag. 2000×) extracted from (c) with calculated basic dimensions of chips. Note: Acc. voltage, accelerating voltage; BES, backscattered electron (shadow image); WD, working distance.