Figure 5: Nhe2-/- FS cells exhibited increased Vd but relatively normal ultrastructure. (a): morphometric data from the same animals and tissue sections used in Figure 4 showed a significant increase in the Vd of FS cells (cytoplasm  +  nucleus) in the Nhe2-/- pars distalis (* ). Electron microscopy of WT and Nhe2-/- FS cells revealed normal ultrastructure except for an increase in lipid droplets (arrows) and decrease in desmosomal-mitochondrial associations (see Figures 6 and 9, resp.). FS cell junctional complexes (arrowheads) were numerous but seemingly unchanged by the loss of NHE2. Note the expanded canalicular space (C) in the Nhe2-/- micrograph; FS: folliculo-stellate cell; N: FS cell nucleus; arrows: lipid droplets; bar: 20 μm.