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The Effect of Various Types of Motorcycle Helmets on Cervical Spine Injury in Head Injury Patients: A Multicenter Study in Taiwan

Table 3

Multiple logistic regression analyses between case and control groups in helmet types and other covariates and the odds ratio of CSI (Model 2).

VariablesOR95% CI for OR value

Helmet types
 Full coverage0.190.100.36<.001
 Partial coverage0.350.210.56<.001
Thoracic spine injury
 Yes 4.461.8910.48<.001
Lumbar spine injury
 Yes 4.871.4616.23.010

OR: odds ratio; CI: confidence interval; CSI: cervical spine injury; and HI: head injury.
The dependent variable in Model 2 was CSI and the independent variables included all variables in Table 1 except helmet use. Only the significant variables ( < .05) were shown in Table 3.