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Predicting Mathematical Performance: The Effect of Cognitive Processes and Self-Regulation Factors

Table 2

Relative importance of the top variables participating in the model for the predictive classification of the lowest 30% of scores in the mathematics test.

Independent variable importance, low 30% group
ImportanceNormalized importance

Mother’s educational level.02828.2%
Father’s educational level.02423.9%
Mother’s occupation.06564.5%
Father’s occupation.05958.8%
Competence-related attribution for success.04140.3%
Personal relevance of task .02928.3%
Subjective competence .04342.7%
Task attraction .04241.8%
Learning intention .05251.8%
Reported effort .06261.1%
Expected result of assessment .09997.7%
Emotional state.06261.3%
Alerting attention.02929.1%
Orienting attention.01817.4%
Executive attention.06766.4%
Working memory.08180.6%
Reaction time (operations).101100.0%