Table 1: STICORDI for music teaching in children with and without MLD.

During the notes class and instruments classDuring the notes classDuring instruments class

Give complements and encouragePosition the pupil at the front of the classroomProvide a good (nice) instrument
Nominate what goes well (in addition to what is not going well)Check if pupils understand and know how to use the tips and tricksProvide a nice textbook and nice music pieces
Indicate on the score difficult passages or rhythms (with colors)Use rhythm language to teach rhythms (possibly as continuous support)Provide variation in the tasks and music scores
Let play or sing along with a CD, where there is accompanimentEnlarge music paper when kids have to write the notes themselvesPlace the pupil in a group that fits their level and friendships
Learn to feel the rhythms by gently tapping the child on the shoulder or armProvide more time for making of homeworkWrite down the finger settings corresponding to the notes (possibly note names)
Divide the music into pieces and learn them step by stepProvide easy exercisesAllow to play less or shorter pieces
Give sufficient time to exercise the music and to repeatUse step-by-step plans (possibly also during tests)Simplify the musical scores
Use an agendaAnnounce tests long beforehandAdjust the repertoire to the level and motivation of the pupil (possibly opt to follow playing together)
Provide more time to finalize testsPlay the music that is to be played to the pupil beforehand or play it once
Divide tests into 2 parts and spread them over daysAllow to exercise with a metronome
Provide more preparation time for singing lessons during the exams (i.e., allowing to follow how other kids perform on an exam)Allow pupil to follow/tap the rhythm with his/her foot or have the teacher tap the rhythm for the pupil
Allow to prepare at home for the examinationPut text to the notes so that it becomes a song
Discharge of examinations, tasks and tests during notes classTeach longer or spread over a longer time (i.e., twice a week)