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The Cultural Dependence of the Ethical Sensitivity Scale Questionnaire: The Case of Iranian Kurdish Teachers

Table 3

Mean differences of dimensions of ethical sensitivity with overall mean score of ethical sensitivity among Iranian Kurdish teachers ( ).

DimensionsMeanSDMean. d

Reading and expressing emotions3.260.59−0.59−23.770.000
Caring by connecting to others3.670.61−0.17−6.570.000
Taking the perspectives of others4.380.530.5122.960.000
Working with interpersonal and group differences4.000.580.187.560.000
Preventing social bias3.710.50−0.14−6.940.000
Generating interpretations and options40.580.166.530.000
Identifying the consequences of actions and options3.880.510.030.650.51

Test value = 3.85, significance level (0.05).