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Research Article

The Cultural Dependence of the Ethical Sensitivity Scale Questionnaire: The Case of Iranian Kurdish Teachers

Table 4

Mean differences of dimensions of ethical sensitivity based on level of school ( ).

Dimensions SD

Reading and expressing emotions
 Primary teachers ( )3.220.53
 Middle teachers ( )3.300.611.140.33
 High school teachers ( )3.200.60

Caring by connecting to others
 Primary teachers3.690.58
 Middle teachers3.720.620.710.54
 High school teachers3.640.62

Taking the perspectives of others
 Primary teachers4.450.48
 Middle teachers4.390.561.460.23
 High school teachers4.320.52

Working with interpersonal and group differences
 Primary teachers4.040.58
 Middle teachers4.060.550.270.84
 High school teachers4.020.59

Preventing social bias
 Primary teachers3.730.49
 Middle teachers3.740.471.990.11
 High school teachers3.660.51

Generating interpretations and options
 Primary teachers4.030.56
 Middle teachers4.020.59
 High school teachers4.010.58

Identifying the consequences of actions and options
 Primary teachers3.930.45
 Middle teachers3.910.512.990.03
 High school teachers3.790.43

The ethical sensitivity (overall score)
 Primary teachers3.870.34
 Middle teachers3.870.351.540.21
 High school teachers3.820.37

Significance level (0.05).