Table 1: Rank orders by means, and standard deviations of the responses to the attitude items (questions 1–7) for all respondents ( ).


1 Q4: I believe that the main barrier to conducting teacher research is a lack of time 3.43 0.737
2Q7: It is more likely that I would conduct practitioner research if I could collaborate with others3.210.812
3Q1: I believe that conducting practitioner research is part of being an effective teacher3.180.606
4Q5: I believe that I would be able to conduct practitioner research if my administrators were to provide me with the proper support3.070.727
5Q2: I believe that most of what I have learned in the research course sequence would help me reflect on my educational practice and become a better teacher3.030.723
6 Q6: I believe I can conduct practitioner research if my colleagues were supportive of me2.950.732
7Q3: As a result of having taken the research courses at NLU, I can now better understand and reflect on my students’ behavior and performance2.940.731