Table 2: Binary logistic regression model of school attendance in 2000/01 and 2005/06.

Variables in the equation2000/01 survey2005/06 surveyShift
B S.E.dfSig.Exp(B)B S.E.dfSig.Exp(B)

Child of nonpoor family (Ref. Cat.)20.0020.01
Child of poor family−0.440.1310.000.65−0.080.1910.690.93
Child of extreme poor family−0.750.1110.000.47−0.460.1610.000.63
Father and mother present (Ref. Cat.)30.0030.00
Father only present−0.710.1810.000.49−1.170.2710.000.31
Mother only present−0.110.1110.290.89−0.400.1810.030.67

Male with old sibling (Ref. Cat.)70.1470.00
Female with old sibling0.190.1410.181.210.420.2110.041.53
Male with old and young siblings −0.020.1410.920.99−0.070.2110.740.93
Female with old and young siblings0.140.1410.321.15−0.170.2110.420.84
Male with young sibling−0.300.4110.470.74−1.710.5710.000.18
Female with young sibling−0.570.2810.040.57−2.100.5510.000.12
Male without sibling−0.240.2510.340.780.550.3310.091.74
Female without sibling0.060.2610.821.061.230.3810.003.41
Distance less 0.5 km (Ref. Cat.)20.0020.08
Distance 0.5–2 km−0.190.1010.070.830.250.1610.131.28
Distance higher than 2 km−0.400.1110.000.67−0.190.1710.260.83

8 to 10 years20.0020.00
11 to 12 years−1.090.1410.000.34−0.820.2010.000.44
13 to 14 years−2.140.1310.000.12−1.860.1810.000.16

Hosmer-Lemeshow , , for 2000/01 and Hosmer-Lemeshow Test , , for 2005/06.
The right hand column shows whether the differences over time are significant at the 5% level.