Table 1: Scheduled labs in Bio-251.

WeekScheduled labs

1Basic laboratory safety techniques
Basic equipment and bacteriological techniques
2Basic calculations for preparing solutions of different concentrations
3Bacterial media prep, inoculation, and growth
4Isolation of chromosomal DNA and preparation of agarose gel
5PCR and agarose gel analysis
6Restriction enzyme digestion, purification, and preparation for cloning
Making competent cells of E. coli and transforming the recombinant plasmid.
9Isolation of Plasmid, gel electrophoresis, and screening for clone
10Preparation for gene expression and transformation to a suitable strain for expression
11Protein induction and expression
12Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis
13Protein purification
14Protein purification troubleshooting
15Bioinformatics (genome analysis, Blast, Primer3 for designing PCR, Web-cutter)
16Computer analysis of the gene product