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Training Self-Regulated Learning in the Classroom: Development and Evaluation of Learning Materials to Train Self-Regulated Learning during Regular Mathematics Lessons at Primary School

Table 2

Overview of the scales of the self-regulated learning questionnaire regarding the sources, authors, and changes.


Goal settingSimplified formulation of the itemsSELVESOtto [43], Schmidt [54]
Strategic planningSimplified formulation of the items
One additional item
SELVESOtto [43]
Intrinsic valueSimplified formulation of the itemsOtto [43], Gürtler [55], Pekrun et al. [56]
Attention focusingSimplified formulation of the items
Three additional items
SELVESOtto [43]
Self-recordingSimplified formulation of the itemsSELVESOtto [43]
Self-evaluationSimplified formulation of the itemsSELVESOtto [43]
Causal attributionSimplified formulation of the items
One additional item
Bruder [57]