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Research Article

Training Self-Regulated Learning in the Classroom: Development and Evaluation of Learning Materials to Train Self-Regulated Learning during Regular Mathematics Lessons at Primary School

Table 3

Reliabilities of the self-regulated learning questionnaire.

PhaseScale Cronbach’s alpha

Forethought phaseGoal setting4.54.61.74
 (e.g. “Before I start with a mathematics task, I plan  how to begin”)Strategic planning3.58.71.65
Intrinsic value6.80.85.79
Performance or volitional controlAttention focusing6.76.79.74
 (e.g. “When doing a complex mathematics task, I  control whether my proceeding is reasonable”)Self-recording3.65.76.81
 (e.g. “If I failed a mathematics task, I reflect on what  to change next time”)Causal attribution5.67.65.58
Overall scaleSelf-regulated learning31.90.92.88

: number of items; followup: follow-up measurement after 12 months.