Table 1: Examples of items.

ScaleExample itemMeasured constructWay of promoting SRL

Teacher beliefs

Beliefs about Primary Education Scale: Hermans et al. [32]I find it important to use time to have students working together (in groups)Teacher beliefs on constructivist learningIndirect

Teaching and Learning Perceptions Questionnaire: Kramarski and Michalsky [8]The learner is like an empty vessel that needs to be filledTeacher beliefs on student-centered learningIndirect

SRLTB Self-Regulated Learning Teacher Belief scale: Lombaerts et al. [34]The instruction of learning strategies leads to students being better in evaluating their learningTeacher beliefs on self-regulated learningDirect and indirect

Teacher knowledge

Based on Pressley et al. [15] When instructing strategies, it is important to explain explicitly how to use a strategy and to mode strategy useTeacher knowledge on strategy instructionDirect
Lonka et al. [35]What is the best way to enhance the learning behavior of students, to teach them learning to learn? Why?Teacher knowledge on learning to learnDirect and indirect
How would you define “self-regulated learning”?Teacher knowledge on self-regulated learningDirect and indirect