Table 2: Grade inflation survey questions.

(1) My work in this class is best described as
 (a) excellent, superior achievement
 (b) good, exceeding all requirements
 (c) average, satisfactorily meeting all requirements
 (d) poor, passing
 (e) failing
 (f) incomplete
(2) Grading systems in college should include only A or B grades.
 (a) Strongly agree
 (b) Agree
 (c) Disagree
 (d) Strongly disagree
(3) What grade do you expect in this course?
 (a) A
 (b) B
 (c) C
 (d) D
 (e) F
 (f) Incomplete
(4) Which of the following best describes your general academic ability?
 (a) I am an A student
 (b) I am a B student
 (c) I am a C student
 (d) I am a D student
 (e) I am an F student