Table 1: Polyphenol content (expressed as gallic acid equivalents (GAEs) per gram and per serving (3 g in 200 mL water)).

(mg/g Tea)

Jing Assam Breakfast148.6145.9
Organic Jade Sword142.6127.9
Organic Dragon Well154.9164.6
Jing Earl Grey162.2186.7
Jasmine Pearls123.369.9
Flowering Osmanthus110.375.2
Flowering Jasmine and Lily113.896.3
Moroccan Mint148.7146.2
Jing Ceylon158.7176.0
Jing Darjeeling 2nd Flush147.3141.8
Jasmine Silver Needle120.461.1
Yellow Gold Oolong123.570.5
Jun Shan Silver Needle138.6115.7
Kagoshima Sencha195.3a285.8
Taiwan Ali Shan Oolong120.160.3
Clipper Black Tea287.9263.7
Clipper Green Tea2115.5b346.5
Clipper White Tea2102.8308.4

Whole teas, 2bagged teas.
asignificantly ( ) greater than all other whole tea samples.
bsignificantly ( ) greater than all other bagged tea samples.