Table 1: Summary of the different Federal Government policies on rice production.

Dates of establishmentInstitutions Mandates

1970Federal Rice Research Station (FRRS)Development of improved varieties of grains

1972National Accelerated Food Production Program (NAFPP)Design, test, and transfer technology package for production of rice, maize, sorghum, millet, and wheat

1974National Cereals Research Institute (NCRI)Research on high-yielding rice varieties for farmers, on-farm adaptive research, seed multiplication, and training of extension staff

1976 The Operation Feed the Nation (OFN)Self-sufficiency in domestic food supply

1978Abakaliki Rice ProjectRice production and processing

1987Agricultural Development Project (ADP)Policies on rice production were implemented

1988 Nigerian Agricultural and Cooperative Bank (NACB)Special credit schemes to boost rice production

1999The Presidential Rice InitiativeAddressing the widening demand supply gap and attain self-sufficiency in rice production

Source: Emodi and Madukwe [15].