Journal of Food Quality / 2017 / Article / Tab 1

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Influence of Edible Coatings on Biochemical Fruit Quality and Storage Life of Bell Pepper cv. “Yolo Wonder”

Table 1

Effect of Aloe vera gel, gum arabic, and cinnamon oil on color , color , and color of bell pepper during cold storage.

Treatments (T)Storage period (days)Means


Control39.23 a–i37.56 h–o34.93 s–y34.07 w–a32.87 z–d31.80 c–e30.41 e34.41 E
Aloe vera gel 4%38.83 d–j38.88 c–j38.93 b–j37.31 j–p36.42 l–t35.74 o–w34.92 s–y37.29 C
Aloe vera gel 5%40.77 ab40.23 a–e39.77 a–f38.93 b–j37.81 g–m37.64 g–n36.08 m–v38.75 B
Aloe vera gel 6%40.80 a39.22 a–i35.79 n–w35.07 r–y34.62 t–z33.96 w–a33.60 x–z36.14 D
Gum arabic 6%39.70 a–f39.31 a–h36.25 m–u34.79 s–y34.36 v–z33.17 y–d31.93 b–e35.65 D
Gum arabic 9%38.89 c–j38.70 d–k36.64 l–s35.10 q–x34.42 u–z33.825 x–z33.21 y–z35.83 D
Gum arabic 12%40.72 a–c40.83 a40.93 a40.26 a–e39.71 a–f39.18 a–i38.55 e–k40.03 A
Cinnamon oil 0.5%40.87 a39.93 a–f37.39 i–o36.90 k–q36.18 m–v35.31 q–x34.08 w–a37.24 C
Cinnamon oil 0.75%41.0 a40.48 a–d38.14 f–l37.64 g–n36.84 k–r35.99 m–v35.34 q–x37.92 C
Cinnamon oil 1%39.71 a–f39.50 a–g36.58 l–s35.45 p–x34.32 v–z32.60 a–d31.39 d–e35.65 D

Means (T)40.05 A39.46 A37.54 B36.54 C35.76 D34.92 E33.95 F


Control−18.10 z−16.59 o−14.48 f–j−13.39 c–f−12.60 b–d−11.11 ab−9.74 a13.71 A
Aloe vera gel 4%−17.46 u−16.17 k−15.50 h–q−14.27 e–i−13.67 c–g−12.70 b–e−11.72 b14.50 B
Aloe vera gel 5%−17.93 x−17.32 t−16.91 q–z−16.28 l–v−16.31 l–v−15.76 i–s−14.79 f–l16.47 E
Aloe vera gel 6%−18.39 ab−17.06 q−16.29 l–w−14.84 f–m−14.59 f–k−13.52 c–f−12.45 b–d15.30 C
Gum arabic 6%−17.27 t−16.44 n−15.62 i–r−14.29 e–i−13.53 c–g−12.61 b–d−11.70 b14.49 B
Gum arabic 9%−18.05 y−16.98 q−16.49 n–y−16.02 j–u−15.31 h–p−14.62 f–k−13.96 d–h15.92 DE
Gum arabic 12%−18.12 z−17.88 w−17.65 v–z−17.11 r–z−16.67 o–y−16.30 l–u−16.01 j–s17.11 F
Cinnamon oil 0.5%−17.63 v−17.23 s−16.42 m–x−14.94 f–n−14.30 e–i−13.48 c–f−12.1 bc15.17 C
Cinnamon oil 0.75%−18.52 b−16.45 n−15.98 j–u−15.64 i–s−14.73 f–l−14.48 f–j−13.51 c–f15.62 CD
Cinnamon oil 1%−17.43 u−16.78 p−16.15 k–v−15.64 i–s−15.12 g–o−14.26 e–i−13.40 c–f16.47 DE

Means (T)−17.89 G−16.89 F16.15 E15.24 D14.68 C13.88 B12.95 A


Control26.51 a23.33 f22.98 g21.75 j21.43 j19.62 t–v19.51 u–w22.16 A
Aloe vera gel 4%25.69 b22.61 h22.08 i19.93 q–t19.81 s–u19.40 v–y18.44 d–g21.14 B
Aloe vera gel 5%24.65 c22.26 i21.08 k20.32 n–p19.49 u–x19.54 uv18.70 b–d20.86 C
Aloe vera gel 6%23.48 ef20.65 m19.49 u–x19.17 x–z18.46 c–f17.78 jk17.06 l19.44 H
Gum arabic 6%22.93 g21.05 kl19.91 r–t19.22 w–z19.22 w–z18.29 f–i17.64 k19.75 G
Gum arabic 9%23.73 de21.61 j20.64 m-n20.25 o–q20.14 p–r18.93 z–b18.37 e–i20.53 D
Gum arabic 12%23.00 g20.74 lm20.51 m–o18.77 a–c18.13 g–i17.17 l16.63 m19.28 I
Cinnamon oil 0.5%24.60 c22.58 h20.51 m–o19.73 tu19.09 y–a18.41 d–h18.08 ij20.43 D
Cinnamon oil 0.75%23.41 ef20.81 k–m20.13 r–s19.76 tu19.20 w–z18.69 b–e18.06 ij20.01 F
Cinnamon oil 1%23.92 d21.66 j21.43 j19.69 t–v19.05 za18.09 h–j17.55 k20.20 E

Means (T)24.19 A21.73 B20.88 C19.86 D19.40 E18.59 F18.01 G

LSD (). For color L: T = , SP = 0.299, T × SP = 0.945; for color : T = 0.644, SP = 0.538, T × SP = 1.704; for color : T = 0.305, SP = 0.255, T × SP = 0.808. Means not sharing the same letter are significantly different at .

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