Research Article

Influence of the Addition of Potato, Okara, and Konjac Flours on Antioxidant Activity, Digestibility, and Quality of Dumpling Wrappers

Table 4

Digestibility and glycemic parameters of nonlinear kinetic model of wheat flour and optimized flour1.

RDS (%)SDS (%)RS (%)C (%)k (min−1)rAUCHI (%)C90GIC90GIHIGIavg

WF48.64 ± 0.72b13.03 ± 0.54a5.12 ± 0.62a60.430.080.9810087.9967.2558.6786.3276.6381.47
OF40.86 ± 0.91a11.36 ± 0.47b12.02 ± 0.81b51.510.070.978520.2656.8649.4578.9270.9374.93

1Values are means () ± SD. Means with different letters in a column are significantly different (). WF: wheat flour; OF: optimized flour; RDS: digestible starch at 20 min; SDS: digestible starch at 20–120 min of incubation; RS: resistant starch; C: equilibrium percentage of starch hydrolyzed after 180 min; k: kinetic constant; r: correlation coefficient; AUC: area under hydrolysis curve; HI: hydrolysis index; C90: percentage of starch hydrolyzed at 90 min; GIC90: glycemic index predicted by C90; GIHI: glycemic index predicted by HI; GIavg: average predicted glycemic index.