Table 2: Critical limits for CCPs.

NumberCCPCritical limits

1Raw material receiptConforms with specifications as stated in Table 1

2Washing of ginger and pepper and rinsing with disinfectantWashing with water 5 times and once with a food grade sanitizer at the recommended manufacturer’s concentration and temperature

3CookingTemperatures of 75°C or above are effective in destroying almost all types of bacteria [23, 24]. Time of cooking after last ingredient is added should be at least 2 minutes when the core temperature of the product has reached at least 75°C [24]. It is assumed that the core temperature of the formulation after the last ingredient has been added will take about 5 min to reach the minimum required temperature and therefore, cooking should be done for at least 10 min after the last ingredient has been added and the minimum temperature attained at 100°C

4CoolingTemperatures above 63°C will control the multiplication of bacteria in hot food [23]. Rapidly cool to 63°C–70°C within 4 h [25]

5PackagingComplete packaging at product temperature 63°C–70°C within 2 h [24]