Journal of Food Quality / 2018 / Article / Tab 1

Review Article

Quality and Operations Management in Food Supply Chains: A Literature Review

Table 1

Searching guidelines and results.

Filter typeDescriptions and guidelinesResults

Inclusion criteriaArticles that were identified in the database search or appeared in the reference lists of one of the selected articles
(i) Topic: articles that develop or apply quantitative models on food quality and operations management in food supply chain
(ii) Language: limited to English
(iii) Time span: 2005–2017
(iv) Paper type: academic (peer-reviewed) journal articles

Keywords(i) Group A keywords: “food quality”, “perishable food”, and “perishable products”
(ii) Group B keywords: “operations management”, “inventory management”, “marketing”, “customer behaviors”, “supply chain coordination”, “production planning”, “quality control”, and “distribution”

Keywords search(i) Selected online databases (e.g., Elsevier, Wiley Online, Informs, Springer, and Hindawi) 426
(ii) All selected articles contain at least one keyword combination from Groups A and B in the title, abstract, or list of keywords

(i) Not related to food quality 105 left
(ii) Not related to the operations management problems
(iii) Not using the quantitative methodologies