Table 1: Main physicochemical parameters defining the quality of the Fondillón wine.


Total alcohol content (% v/v)21.13 a18.63 ab20.17 a16.97 b16.60 b16.16 b18.50 ab
Volatile acidity (g acetic acid L−1)0.71 b0.62 b1.05 b1.03 b0.75 b0.99 b1.50 a
Total acidity (g tartaric acid L−1)5.30 b5.46 b5.50 b7.80 a6.50 a7.27 a6.60 a
pH3.56 b3.25 b3.36 b3.54 b3.26 b3.45 b3.80 a
Relative density (20°C)NS1.01830.99861.00410.99351.00521.00770.9978
Total dry extract (g·L−1)100 a56.2 b68.5 b71.4 b65.7 b65.2 b54.7 b
Total SO2 (mg·L−1)76.0 b35.0 c48.0 c53.0 c124 a142 a78.0 b
Reducing sugars (g·L−1)39.70 a29.30 b39.20 a23.00 c34.50 ab37.98 a22.00 c

NS = not significant at ; and significant at , and 0.01, respectively. Values (mean of 3 replications) followed by the same letter, within the same row, were not significantly different, , according to Tukey’s least significant difference test.