Research Article

The Effect of Thermal Processing on the Saponin Profiles of Momordica charantia L.

Figure 2

The effect of thermal processing on the contents of bitter gourd saponins. Bitter gourd extracts were treated at 30°C (filled circle), 60°C (filled square), 100°C (filled triangle), or 121°C (inverted triangle). (a) momordicoside L, (b) momordicoside K, (c) momordicoside I, (d) momordicoside F1, (e) momordicoside F2, (f) 3, 7, 25-trihydroxycucurbita-5,23(E)-dien-19-al, and (g) momordicine I were analysed by UPLC-ESI-MS/MS. Different letters represent significant differences. The error bars represent the standard deviation (n = 3).