Luciano Nicastro

Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica, Italy


Luciano Nicastro graduated in astronomy at the University of Bologna in 1990. He is senior researcher of the National Astrophysical Institute (INAF-IASF) in Bologna. He has been involved in several astronomical projects spanning the radio/optical/X-ray/gamma-ray bands with particular interest in multi-wavelength study of isolated neutron stars. He was involved in searches and studies of radio pulsars using the Medicina (Bologna), Parkes (Australia) and Jodrell Bank (UK) radio-telescopes. He was a member of the Italian-Dutch X-ray satellite BeppoSAX team whose outstanding results in the study of the Gamma Ray Bursts were awarded with the “Bruno Rossi Prize” by the American Astronomical Society in 1998 and the “Descartes Prize” of the European Union in 2002. He realized the data management system of the robotic optical-IR telescope REM installed at ESO La Silla (Chile), including user web interface and the experiment database archive. He was also involved in the implementation of software components and the data management system of other projects, like SPOrt (radio polarization observatory), GAIA (astrometry satellite) and ARGO (ultra high energy experiment in Tibet). He is the Italian responsible of the EC funded project GLORIA and is the Italian coordinator of the DMD based spectrograph Batman (to me mounted on the TNG telescope, Canary Islands). He is also involved in the development of the onboard data handling system of the NISP experiment onboard the ESA satellite Euclid. He is member of the International Astronomical Union. His list of publications counts about 200 papers, more than half of which on refereed journals.

Biography Updated on 11 March 2013

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