Johann Greilhuber

University of Vienna, Austria

Johann Greilhuber was born in 1947 in Steyr, Austria. He studied Botany and Zoology at the University of Vienna, Austria and made his doctoral dissertation under the supervision of Elisabeth Tschermak-Woess and Lothar Geitler at the Institute of Botany and Botanical Garden, in which he has been a staff member since 1968. Since 1970, he has been publishing on plant karyology with a focus on chromosome banding and genome size measurement. In his work, the taxonomic application of these methods was important. His research interests include plant embryology as well as flow cytometry and DNA image densitometry which has been a main topic since about 1994. Moreover, Professor Greilhuber is deeply interested in the improvement of methods for nuclear DNA content measurement in plants. He achieved his habilitation in 1978 and has been an Associate Professor at the Department of Systematic and Evolutionary Botany of the Faculty of Life Sciences, the University of Vienna since 1988. He is Coeditor of the book Flow Cytometry with Plant Cells (Wiley-VCH, 2007) together with Jaroslav Doležel and Jan Suda. Since the mid-seventies, he has been regularly involved in the reviewing process for many botanical and cytological journals and has achieved editorial experience especially with plant systematics and evolution. He is Member of the Editorial Board of Acta Billogica Cracoviensia Series Botanica, and now of Journal of Botany.

Biography Updated on 31 March 2010

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