Benjamin Mwashote

Florida State University, USA


Current research interests include but not limited to: Biogeochemistry, Nutrient Fluxes & Trace Elements Studies in Groundwater, Estuarine & Nearshore Coastal Environment. Quantification & Study of Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD); Groundwater Research. Few recent publications(2002-2011): 1. Mwashote, B. M., Burnett, W. C., Chanton, J., Santos, I., Dimova, N. and Swarzenski, P. W., 2010. Calibration and use of continuous heat-type automated seepage meters for submarine groundwater discharge measurements. Est. Coast. Shelf Sci. 87: 1- 10. 2. Mwashote, B. M., Murray, M., Burnett, W. C., Chanton, J., Kruse, S and Harrison, A. 2011. Submarine Groundwater Discharge in the Sarasota Bay System: Its Assessment and Implications for the Nearshore Coastal Environment (in press). 3. Mwashote, B. M. 2010. Submarine Groundwater Discharge: Its Importance and Quantification. SciTopics. 4. Mwashote, B. M., Ohowa, B. O. and Wawiye, P. O. 2005. Spatial and temporal distribution of dissolved inorganic nutrients and phytoplankton in Mida Creek, Kenya. J. of Wetl. Eco. Man. 13: 599 - 614. 5. Mwashote, B. M. 2003. The Status of Cadmium, Cd, and Lead, Pb, Concentration Levels in Water, Sediment and Some Selected Fish Species in The Kenyan Coast. West. Ind. Oce. Journ. Mar. Sci. 2(1): 25-34. 6. Mwashote, B. M. and Jumba, I. O. 2002. Quantitative aspects of inorganic nutrient fluxes in the Gazi Bay: Implications for coastal ecosystems. Mar. Poll. Bull. 44(11): 1194-1205. 7. Santos, I. R., Dimova, N., Peterson, R, N., Mwashote, B. M., Chanton, J. and Burnett, W.C. 2009. Extended time series measurements of submarine groundwater discharge tracers (222Rn and CH4) at a coastal site in Florida. Mar. Chem. 113: 137 – 147. 8. Santos, I., Burnett, W. C., Chanton, J., Mwashote, B. M., Suryaputra, I. G. N. A., and Dittmar, T. 2008. Nutrient Biogeochemistry in a Gulf of Mexico Subterranean Estuary and Groundwater-Derived Fluxes to the Coastal Ocean. Limn. Ocean. 53(2): 705-718.

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