Jean-Pierre Burg

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland

Jean-Pierre Burg was born in April 1953 in Meknès, Morocco, and has the French nationality. He received a scholarship from the British Council, which enabled him to study as a graduate student at Imperial College London from October 1975 to July 1976. Between 1979 and 1983, he conducted scientific research at CNRS. His dissertation was honored with great distinction by USTL Montpellier in May 1983. In November 1983, he served as a Research Fellow at Melbourne University. In March 1986, he was appointed as a Research Director at the CNRS Center for Geology and Geophysics in Montpellier, a post he held until he was called to the ETH Zurich. Burg has many editorial responsibilities. He has been the Chief Editor of Geodinamica Acta and Géologie de la France, and is now one of the Chief Editors of Tectonophysics. He is also an Associate Editor of Terra Nova. His dedication merited the Australian Society of Educational Technology Award in 1986. He was awarded the Prix Henri Becquerel from the Academy of Sciences in Paris in November 1990. On the decision of the Sofia University Council, Professor Burg received the title of Doctor Honoris Causa in May 1995; at that time he was also given the Blue Ribbon by Sofia University. He was a Gibson Distinguished Professor at the University of Minnesota in 2001, and was awarded in the same year the Prix Viquesnel of Société géologique de France. He is a Fellow of Pakistan Academy of Geological Sciences and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. Burg has been a Full Professor at the Institute of Geology of the ETH Zurich since September 1993.

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