Barbara Papadopoulou

Université Laval, Canada

Barbara Papadopoulou received the Pharmacy degree from the University of Athens, Athens, Greece, and the Ph.D. degree in microbiology and molecular biology from the University of Paris XI and the Pasteur Institute of Paris, Paris, France. As a postdoctoral research fellow, she was trained on yeast genetics at the University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and on leishmania molecular biology at Laval University. Currently, she is a Professor at the Department of Medical Biology, Faculty of Medicine, Laval University, Quebec, Canada. Dr. Papadopoulou has received prestigious national and international awards for excellence in research, including the MRC Scholar Award and the New Investigator Award in molecular parasitology from the Burroughs Wellcome Fund in 2001. Papadopoulou served as a member of many panels of national and international advisory committees for academia and government, and she entertains several collaborations in the field of neglected parasitic diseases from developed and developing countries. Her research focuses on the molecular mechanisms that control leishmania’s life stage differentiation, the developmental gene regulation, and the intracellular survival within mammalian macrophages. Her lab has implemented proteomic and DNA microarray strategies to study global changes during parasite’s differentiation, and made important discoveries on the regulation of stage-specific gene expression in these parasites, essentially at the level of mRNA stability and translation.

Biography Updated on 19 February 2009

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