Shigeru Yamada

Tottori University, Japan

Shigeru Yamada was born in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, on July 6, 1952. He received the B.S.E., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees from Hiroshima University, Japan, in 1975, 1977, and 1985, respectively. Since 1993, he has been working as a professor at the Department of Social Management Engineering, Graduat School of Engineering,Tottori University,Tottori-shi, Japan. He has published over 500 reviewed technical papers in the area of software reliability engineering, project management, reliability engineering, and quality control. He has authored several books entitled such as Introduction to Software Management Model (Kyoritsu Shuppan, 1993), Software Reliability Models: Fundamentals and Applications (JUSE, Tokyo, 1994), Software Reliability: Model, Tool, Management (The Society of Project Management, 2004), Quality-Oriented Software Management (Morikita Shuppan, 2007), and Elements of Software Reliability –Modeling Approach- (Kyoritsu Shuppan, 2011). Dr. Yamada received the Best Author Award from the Information Processing Society of Japan in 1992, the TELECOM System Technology Award from the Telecommunications Advancement Foundation in 1993, the Best Paper Award from the Reliability Engineering Association of Japan in 1999, the International Leadership Award in Reliability Engg. Research from the ICQRIT/SREQOM in 2003, the Best Paper Award at the 2004 International Computer Symposium, the Best Paper Award from the Society of Project Management in 2006, the Leadership Award from the ISSAT in 2007, the Outstanding Paper Award at the IEEE International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IEEM208) in 2008, the International Leadership and Pioneering Research Award in Software Reliability Engineering from the SREQOM/ICQRIT in 2009, the Exceptional International Leadership and Contribution Award in Software Reliability at the ICRITO’2010, and 2011 Best Paper Award from the IEEE Reliability Society Japan Chapter in 2012.

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