David A. York

Utah State University, USA

David A. York became the Director of the Center for Advanced Nutrition at Utah State University under the Utah Science, Technology, and Research (USTAR) Program in 2006. Dr. York has a distinguished reputation in the field of nutrition and obesity. York earned his doctorate in physiology from the University of Southampton, Southampton, UK. He conducted postdoctoral research at NEMC Hospital in Boston, Mass, USA, and the UCLA School of Medicine. He then moved back to Southampton University Medical School, where he was on the faculty for 18 years. In 1989, he moved to Louisiana State University System, working at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center as a Chief of Basic Science Research and the head of the Experimental Obesity Research Group. He has presented or chaired at more than 100 major conferences and symposia, and has received more than $20 million in research grants. York’s research interests include animal models of obesity, mechanisms that control food intake and nutrient selection, the molecular basis for the beneficial effects of exercise in preventing neurodegenerative disorders, and the hormone dependence of animal obesity. Dr. York has filed 3 patent applications in relation to his work with the peptide enterostatin. His research approach centers on understanding nutrition from the whole animal down to the individual genes or molecular events that enables the nutritional response. His experimental approaches range from genomic studies, cell culture, neurobiology to animal feeding behavior. While today’s environment in which we live is conducive to the development of obesity, a top public health concern, and other chronic diseases, the understanding of the mechanisms and the reasons for individual differences in susceptibility will provide us needed insight into the role of nutrition in health and disease.

Biography Updated on 30 September 2008

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