Elisabeth Deindl

Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Germany

Elisabeth Deindl was born in Landau/Isar, Germany, in 1962. She studied Biology at the universities of Göttingen and Heidelberg in Germany. After her diploma (1991) and PhD thesis (1994) in Heinz Schallers´ lab at the ZMBH in Heidelberg, she joined the lab of Wolfgang Schaper at the Max-Planck-Institute in Bad Nauheim (1995-2001), where she started to decipher the molecular mechanisms of arteriogenesis. After a detour on stem cell biology at the university clinic Grosshadern, Munich /Germany, she has been able to establish her own working group at the Walter-Brendel-Centre in Munich, where since 2006, her work has focused on arteriogenesis again. Elisabeth Deindl is an expert in the field of angiogenesis and arteriogenesis and received an Award for her “Pioneering Contributions in the Development of Biomedical and Therapeutical Sciences” from the Erasmus MC University Rotterdam, The Netherlands and the Bunelkhand University, Jhansi, India, in 2004. Elisabeth Deindl worked as guest-editor for several journals, wrote a variety of book chapters and edited together with Christian Kupatt the book “Therapeutic Neovascularization: Quo Vadis” (Springer, 2007) and together with Wolfgang Schaper the book “Arteriogenesis – Molecular Regulation, Pathophysiology and Therapeutics I” (Shaker, 2011).

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