Tapas Mukherjee

Bhairab Ganguly College, India


Tapas Mukherjee has received his M.S. degree in physics and his Ph.D. degree in positron/electron-molecule scattering. He currently works as an Associate Professor in physics, Bhairab Ganguly College, Belgharia, India. Mukherjee's areas of expertise include (1) atomic and molecular scattering; theoretical works have been done in this area, including ab initio calculations and development of computer codes on methods like close coupling, adiabatic nuclei, born approximation, and positronium (Ps) formation. Also calculations have been done on positron annihilation in different molecular systems, (2) positron/positronium in liquid phase: (i) theoretical calculations have been done on the formation probability of Ps atom and its dependance on the presence of micelle, (ii) engaged in the calculation of Ps-bubble model and decay characteristic of Ps in liquids, and (iii) theoretical calculations on the positronium acceptor complex formation; (3) Berry's phase in quntum-mechanics and gauge potential in atomic system.

Biography Updated on 23 May 2012

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