Ferenc Billes

Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary


Ferenc Billes in 1934 was born in Budapest, Hungary. In 1952, he finished a middle-school of chemical technology. In 1957, he graduated from the Budapest University of Technology (BUT) as a chemical engineer. In 1957, he served as an Assistant of the Department of Physical Chemistry of BUT. In 1962, he obtained a Ph.D. degree and served as an Assistant Professor at the same department. In 1969, he was a candidate of sciences at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (CSC). In 1971, he served as an Associate Professor at the same department. In 1992, he worked as a Doctor at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (DSC). In 1994, he received a Doctorate Habilitation and titular professor. Since 1994, he has been a Pensioner but work like before as a professor and active in research. His studies focus on physics, physical chemistry, measurement and regulation techniques, vibrational spectroscopy: lectures, seminars, and laboratory praxis (sometimes parallel, sometimes one subject after the other). His research is among electron excitation spectroscopy (since 1955), and since 1966 more and more vibrational spectroscopy. Since 1985, he has been focussing on interpretation of vibrational spectra based on quantum chemical calculations, which is his most important field up to now. He has cooperated with several European scientists from Hungary, Spain, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, and Sweden.

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