Mira Rosenblat

Fuhrman@tx.technion.ac.il, Israel

Mira Rosenblat is a Senior Scientist in the Lipid Research Laboratory. She was born in Israel. She received a B.S. degree in biology and an M.S. degree in medical sciences from the Technion, Haifa, Israel, under the supervision of Professor Michael Aviram. Rosenblat is one of the leading experts in paraoxonases and a key contributor to atherosclerosis and heart disease research. She is the author of more than 66 published original papers and of several reviews and book chapters. Her work has been published in highly respected peer-reviewed journals and is referred to as seminal work in the field. In 2005, she received the Israeli ILMAR Prize for her outstanding basic research in what is now our understanding of biological and mechanism of action of paraoxonase 1 in relation to macrophage foam cell formation, atherosclerosis development, and its consequent cardiovascular diseases. Her recent published studies focused on the antiatherogenic roles of paraoxonase 2 in macrophages. Furthermore, she studied the role of dietary antioxidants including the polyphenolic flavonoids found in red wine, licorice, olive oil, and mainly in pomegranate in prevention of atherosclerosis development. In addition, she is a supervisor for medical students and graduated M.D. from the hospital for their research studies in the lab.

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