Abdalbasit Adam Mariod

Food Science and Technology Department, College of Agricultural Studies, Sudan University of Science & Technology, P.O Box 71 Khartoum North, Sudan., Sudan


Abdalbasit Adam Mariod was born in Ghibaish, Sudan, in 1958, where he learned much of conventional and unconventional foods. He graduated as Food Technologist from the University of Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt . In 2000 and 2005, he obtained his M.s. and Ph.D. degrees from University of Gezira, Wad Medani, Sudan, and University of Münster, Germany, respectively, in the field of new oil sources. Mariod came to Sudan University of Science & Technology (SUST) after nearly 12 years of working as a food technologist in many food processing plants. At SUST, he served as the Deputy Dean of College of Graduate Studies where he shares in developing many new graduate programs. Then, as Deputy Dean of Scientific Research Deanship where he organized and designed scientific projects regulations. One of Mariod’s prowess accomplishments was when he received the Golden medal for research/innovation Insects as Unconventional Source of Oils, at International Islamic University Malaysia, Selangor, Malaysia, (2007), then Prize of Excellent Scientist and Prize of Academic Excellency 2008 award from SUST, and in 2010, he was considered for inclusion in Who's Who in the World, 28th Edition (2011). Further accomplishments were the publishing of his books Introduction to Food Science & Technology in 2010, Candy Technology in 2011, and Sugar Processing and Technology in 2012". Thus, he has published his first e-book entitled Seeds of Sclerocarya Birrea Oil and Protein, Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany (2012). Mariod published many interesting scientific articles (75 articles) on subjects ranging from new oil sources to antioxidants and oil stability. His professional career outside of academia includes radio and TV programs and writing short stories, as well as a considerable career in freelance writing.

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