Waclaw Gudowski

Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden

Waclaw Gudowski specializes in neutron and reactor physics at Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH)—the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, where he has been a Professor since 1999. A member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA), Dr. Gudowski received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Mining and Metallurgy in Krakow (Poland) based on the work done on the design of the fast-pulsed research reactor IBR-2 in Dubna, Russia. From 1983 to 1992, Professor Gudowski worked on neutron scattering, conducting basic research on the structure and dynamics of liquid metals. In 1991, his interest shifted towards transmutation of nuclear waste. He is one of the European pioneers of accelerator-driven transmutation of waste, the so-called Accelerator-Driven Systems (ADSs). Since then, he has successfully conducted research within Sweden and on many European projects. Currently Gudowski is coordinating a large European project “Impact of Transmutation and Reduction of Waste on Geological Waste Repository—RED-IMPACT.” He participates very actively in an international program, helping Russian nuclear weapon specialists conduct peaceful projects like ADS. He teaches reactor physics and physics of transmutation together with Monte Carlo methods. An expert on computer-assisted teaching, Professor Gudowski will provide the institute participants with an opportunity to see how creatively one can use computers in educational processes.

Biography Updated on 5 July 2011

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